Аккумуляторная батарея 32ТН-450У2
245 000 руб.
Кольцо Д50.04.011 трапецеидальное
1 100 руб.
Распылитель Д50.17.101сб-1
1 700 руб.
Секция радиатора масляная ТЭ3.02.005
18 700 руб.
Секция унифицированная 7317.000
15 000 руб.
Щеткодержатель 5ТХ.112.034
3 500 руб.
Смотреть все
+7 (800) 500-97-01 (Звонок по России бесплатный) +7 (3412) 24-97-01 Обратная связь

Company PROMTEK was created as the captive company of a railway direction. Today the market demands the maximum openness and mobility of its participants, timeliness of calculations and performance time.

Fast rate of a life and work does not suppose any errors and miscalculations in activity of the organizations, working in deliveries sphere; especially it concerns spare parts and the equipment for the railway.

Company PROMTEK has set for itself a problem to make delivery of the equipment operative, qualitative and economic for the customer.

Our experts suggest you to set up a contract for supply action of spare parts or repair works of locomotive engine.

Presence of a warehouse and the big list of suppliers allow us to deliver practically any spare parts of railway branch. The largest holding companies the enterprises of Russia such as SIBUR, MECHEL, UNITED METALLURGICAL COMPANY, ТК LUKOJL-TRANS have set up contracts with company PROMTEK.

Company PROMTEK carries out the international cooperation in sphere of deliveries at various customs conditions including EXW (EX Works (... named place)), FCA (Free Carrier (... named place)), CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid Тo (... named place of destination)) and others, more detailed list is presented on our site in special section for participants of External Economic Activity.

PROMTEK offers flexible working conditions from repair of separate knots such as turbo-blower, mounted wheels, steams traction electric motors, etc., to overall repair of diesel locomotives with renewal of electric installation.Shunting diesel locomotives are the basic specialization, but in addition to it the company carries out repair of main diesel locomotives М62 in own territory.

All list of materials and spare parts is in our warehouse in Izhevsk. You can get to know with instructions of repair of rolling equipment and conditions of operation of locomotive engines in section of repair of diesel locomotives on our site.

Company PROMTEK is ready to give the necessary information for a finding of points of cooperation for business corporations working in our branch and related branches. Many organizations work with our company and are its strategic partners.

PROMTEK uses services of the various transporters, more than ten contracts are concluded with the transportation enterprises, beginning from all known transport companies and finishing the organizations giving specialized transport across Russia and the CIS countries. Out-of-gauge load transportation also is not a difficult task for us.

We hope for long-term and perspective cooperation!